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Mary Perlaki-Neely, founder of Perks Designs, started in Marketing helping develop strong brand names and company identities using the latest technologies. Her major in Communication Science has given her the essential broad tools in the fields of mass and social media, radio, web development, graphic design, as well as, the foundation in entrepreneurial endeavors to begin her own consulting firm.

Gradually she has taken over more complicated projects within the companies she’s worked with, and noticing the need that small businesses have for quality production design in graphics, websites and social media, she started a consulting firm to help those businesses that can’t support their own media department but require the professionalism and creativity as any growing company. Perks Designs is committed to provide them with quality promotional items.

As a part-time job while she was going to college, she work at museums and non-profit organizations helping them with their visual arts and event materials for concerts, performance arts & exhibit promotions. Additionally collaborating with their newsletters, brochures, posters, ads, audio-visuals and other promotional items. Being in the workforce over 17 years she has work in partnership with a diverse spectrum of companies such as; Engineering, Manufacturing, Retail and the largest Latin Media Company in the United States, Univision Communications LLC. She has helped clients with their On-Air, Digital and Social Media needs. Creating their branding, reinforcing their product/services and promoting them through various platforms.

Perks Designs is located in San Diego, California. We provide assistance to companies in Southern California, but are not limited to our local region since new technology has facilitated the long distance communication and broken boundaries between state-lines. Please feel free to contact us for a free quote on your next web or graphic design project.